Insights A

e.g: The "Product A" had a bad impression from the online support between 3rd and 5th this month. Take a look on users comments.

Insights B

e.g: On the last week the marketing actions to solve the complains of "Product B" functioning made a good effect over new customers.

Insights C

e.g: Attention, a problem is occuring this week related to online credit card payment, customers couldn't place their orders.


e.g: The problem with credit card was solved and created a good and security feeling over online buyers.


e.g: Two online campaigns. For new features of Product B and for Ecommerce buy and shipping proccess improvements.
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What's going on Twitter Brasil now?

Chart made without humans or dictionary, only robot
It does not count words, but understands subjects

average of subjects in the last 3 days Tendência
1. Stf (Twitter)
2. Pf (Twitter)
3. Lava Jato (Twitter)
4. Crivella (Twitter)
5. Carlos Alberto (Twitter)
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Julgamento Desaposentação
Operação Métis
Servidores Grevistas
Maletas Antigrampo
Policiais Legislativos
7 Votos
Operação Pf
Direitos Autorais
Reforma Previdência


Lei Rouanet
Câmara Aprova
Diretor Polícia
Nova Fase
Tiros Comitê
Filhos Carceragem
Porto Alegre
Prende Guarulhos
Teori Suspende
Estudantes Unipampa

Lava Jato

Ressuscitar Mecanismos
Ex Presidente
Prende Empresário
Voltar Contratar
Empresas Envolvidas
Gilmar Mendes
Anunciar Sites
Lula Moro
Policiais Legislativos
Onu Aceita


Direito Resposta
Comparece Entrevistas
Preso Carceragem
Tv Globo
Especialistas Checar
Entrevista Rádio
Jean Wyllys
Brancos Nulos
Foto Dormindo

Carlos Alberto

Morre 72
Prestam Homenagens
Copa 1970
Enterrado Homenagens
Parceria Vencedora
Torcedores Adeus
Emociona Falar
Caminhão Bombeiros
Lamenta Morte

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