The solution

The technology solution from Spume.

Spume is a new private technology that can read and understand text with 90% of similarity as a human would do, organizing and classifying subjects. Spume uses its own techniques, machine learning and neural networks, with these results it can transform BigData into FastData.
Our technology has been registered in Brazil and internationally.

What does the Spume's FastData do?

  • 1) Active BigData

    It is not a human that defines hundreds of words repeatedly to be searched in many tools. We just need to define an 'universe' that the software will actively find and show subjects organized without the 'pre defined' human context.

  • 2) Disintermediation in the BigData

    Now the President, vice president, director, managers can access directly the information that is easily understandable. The company will focus in the decision making process.

  • 3) BigData as 'insights'

    The spume technology will daily find the relation between cause and effect, then it will be able to present small ‘insights’ of 200 characters, analisys weekly and monthly with context.