The problem

BigData is a huge amount of complex data while BigData analytics are tools and human analysis to get solutions for real problems.

We live in the BigData hype era with a lot of expectations from the companies.
According to a survey by PwC and Iron Mountain, 75% of the big companies use BigData, but only 4% obtain satisfactory results, and 43% get very small results.

Existing solutions for the problem?

  • 1) Passive BigData

    The BigData analytics technology is passive and waits for a human input. As the human input increases the result gets more tendentious.

  • 2) BigData intermediation

    Between the information and the decision maker exist a bunch of tools and people that make analysis in blocks that generates high costs. There is also a big delay between the problem to the actual solution.

  • 3) BigData counting words

    The biggest amount of BigData softwares count and filter words determined by analists. The cause and effect relations are made by humans.